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This website is dedicated to my Dad and the remarkable work he has done restoring this 1958 Chevy Impala. I feel fortunate that I was able to spend time with him working on his car. I am looking forward to going with him to cars shows to show off his sweet ride.

Back In The Day

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This is a picture of my Dad back in 1961 leaning against his first car, a 1958 Chevy. He is one cool customer showing off those muscles. You can see the car sits pretty low to the ground, so he must have lowered and who knows what else, Im sure that was the thing to do back in those days.

54 Years Later

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54 years have passed and Dad has another 1958 Chevy to show off. Im pretty sure he won’t be shirtless this time though. This Impala looks a whole lot different than the old one. With most of the chrome gone and few original parts left, this impala is a true one of a kind custom classic just like him.

Jims Blog

This blog is used to write about some of the shows we go enter the car in. I will also post pictures of the car that we take from an event or even an award that we might win.

Showing the car at the 2019 Autorama

It is time once again to show the car at the Sacramento Autorama, one of the biggest local car shows in Sac. The theme this year was pot of gold, so we dressed the 58 up in some Irish attire, the green blend well with the color of the car. My daughter Jessica was here from Texas, so she decorated

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The Car Comes Together

The car is finally together and looks great. There was a lot of tweaking to make things fit back together, hours of pondering how to make something work they way we wanted it. There were some arguments, some scrapped knuckles. Lots of time waiting impatiently for the car to come back form the various shops it needed to be in for upholstery or paint. Lots of trips to the parts store for things we needed or forgot to get. Sometimes we were not sure how to proceed, so brainstorming was needed. But in the end, it all came together perfectly.

Some Details of the build

Brakes: CCP

Body Work: Jim Cross

Brain Storming: Jim & Troy Cross

Dash: Dakota Digitial

Electrical: Kwik Wire

Engine: 350 Crate Motor
Headlights: Dapper Lighting

Paint: Chip Foose Sand Drift

Steering Column: Ididit

Stering Wheel: Billet Speciality

Upholstery: Premier Uphulstory

Intimate Shots Of The Car

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Trophies And Awards

Dad has taken the car to show at many of the local car shows for the last several years and has won many awards and trophies. While he does not enter any show in an effort to win an award, he does enjoy seeing the many people that oh and awe over the car. Winning an award is just an added bonus.

Best Old Custom Award - 2015

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This is the first time the car was shown after it was completed. We took the car to the Casa Roble Car show. We talked with a lot of people who loved the car and said that it was awesome. Im so happy to see the interest in the car, Dad worked very hard on it. The car won the Best Old Custom award. Dad got his picture taken in front of all the people for a job well done. Way to go Dad!

Employee Pick - 2015

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The Antique Trove is a big antique store in Roseville California that puts on 4 shows each year in their parking lot. The employees of the store choose Dads car as their top Pick. Thank you to the employees of the antique trove for the honor!

Merchants Choice - 2015

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Downtown Tuesdays is put on by the city of Roseville. In the summer months they block off the streets on Tuesday nights and let in a bunch of hot rods. The Merchants in the area chose dads car as their top pick of all the cars there. It was an honor.

20 Years of Cruisin - 2015

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Award by the Cappuccino Cruisers at the weekly car show in Folsom California. Celebrating 20 years of cruisin.

Best American Graffiti Car - 2015

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The American Graffiti Car Show put on by Mel's Diner in Auburn, California. They actually has 2 stars from the movie there to sign autographs and they chose dads car as the best. How cool was that.

Downtown Tuesdays - 2015

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Downtown Tuesdays is put on by the city of Roseville. In the summer months they block off the streets on Tuesday nights and let in a bunch of hot rods. Dad's car was picked for this nice award.

Best Cruiser - 2015

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This award was presented to Dad at the Roseville Fairgrounds as the Best Cruiser award. He got the opportunity to drive his car around the race track and do some burn outs. Im sure he was happy about that since I don't think he had spun the tires on that classic yet.

Townsmen Top 10 - 2015

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The Townsmen Car show is put on every year by the Townsmen Car Club of Sacramento. There are usually several hundred cars that make an appearance each year. Dad was awarded one of the top ten spots and thats saying a lot as there are always some very nice oldies in the lot.

Burgiemen's Pick - 2015

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This award was handed out at the Sacramento Autorama. There were 7 car clubs at the show and each one would award their favorite car an award, and they picked dads cars as the "Top Pick". Its a huge honor when you consider how many cars were in the show.

Sales Brochures from 1958

Chevrolet back in the day has some pretty colorful Brochures telling you all about how awesome and wonderful their cars were. Some of these are pretty cool. Much simpler times back then in many ways.

Chevrolet Convertable 1958 Impala

You'll have plenty of time to show off in the high-spirited performance of your new Chevrolet. With its radical new Turbo-Thrust V8 and new action on all engiens, its so quick, agile and eager that once you take the wheel, you;ll never want to leave it. You've got your hands on something really special!

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1958 Chevrolet

Nothing goes with springtime like a bright new Chevy! Here are cars to rejoice in...sports-minded, fun-hearted and beautiful as all outdoors. The way they perform, ride and handle makes for the hppiest driving you've ever known. Got spring fever? Trade it for that Chevrolet feeling!

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The 1958 Biscayne

You'll like being looked at in your beautiful 58 Cherolet. Rightly so. For you know that the sculptred lines of that longer, lower Bod by Fisher set a new style in styling And every move your Chevy makes tells you in there's new hign-meltted performance to go with that exclusive high-syled look.

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1958 Impala Sports Couple

Excitement rides with you every mile you roll in your new Cheverolet. At rest or on the raod, the sleek style-setter promises action, gaiety, glamor-and it keeps its promis beautifully. Come aboard and take the key to the happies traveling on the highway!

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A Wonderful New World of Fashion

You'll find luxury lounge interiors in the most beguiling new colord a car ever wore...supple vinyls...gaily textured fabrics...panels in hues of anodized aluminums. There's quiet all around you, softness underfoot. As in this roomy Impala Sport Couple, fashion takes fabulous form-results in spectacular new travel!

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Let us know if you have any questions about the car or any thoughts you might have. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at one of the many shows.

Thank You

Thank You for all the people out there that come out and show support for all the cars shows and the hard work that goes into building one of these classics. It takes a lot of planning to put on a show and years to build a nice looking car.