One Cool Custom Classic

Let the build Begin

shiney motor

Dad finally got the car home from the shop, so now we can start the process of piecing it back together. Today, we started by attaching some of the engine components on the motor. First was the water pump and the support brackets for the alternator, air conditioner pump and the power steering pump. All of the pumps, brackets and alternator are billeted aluminum and look spectacular all shiny and polished. This is only the start, there is without a doubt a lot more shiny stuff that needs to be added. We also got under the car and put in the bolts that hold the fly wheel to the torque converter. While under the car, we had to do a bit of work to get the transmission bolts connected to the cross member. A good 4 hours worth of work and one trip to the auto part store for some gasket sealer and some lock tight. All in all a productive day.

You can see all of the photos of the car at this link. Dad's 58 Impala

Until Next Time

God Bless.