One Cool Custom Classic

Getting Ready for NSRA

The hot 58 is looking really good and is almost packed and ready to take the long drive to Oklahoma City for the 2015 NSRA show.

We have been working to make the car look as good as possible, and get it road worth for its first real test drive. Dad and I changed the oil, working on the power steering pump to get rid of a small leak. We have readjusted the front and rear bumpers to get them lined up best we could. The car is not running quite up to the way we would like, so dad took it to a guy to take a look. Hopefully we get the car back and its running perfectly. Dad is a bit worried about the long drive, fear of breakdowns and all that. I can understand that, but i think we will be just fine. The only thing we did not get working is the cruise control, so thats going to make for a longer drive to be sure, but hey, we are old and need the work out LOL!.

Im looking forward to getting some more pictures of the car while we are on the trip to add to the website.