One Cool Custom Classic

April 2015

No Joy

We packed the car up with all our gear for our 2 week trip, car cleaning stuff, extra parts we thought we could use if we broke done. We piled into the car and headed on down the road at about 5am. Just down the block, we realized the car was not idling right, and the shifting was not as it should be. I turned the car around and brought it back into the garage to see if we could figure out what was wrong. After a few minutes, we adjusted the kick down cable for the transition and took another ride, to find the shifting was now working correctly, but the idle was still way off. Again in the garage with a little bit of trepidation about taking a car that was not running right across country, we tried again to fix the idle to no avail. Lets just say, we are not happy at this point.

Disappointment having set in, we decided to bail on driving the hot rod, and opted for driving the Honda back to the car show in Oklahoma City. We are both very bummed about the hot rod, but figuring it would be best to travel with a more reliable vehicle. Sorry to all the relatives and friends that were looking forward to seeing the car, we will try again next year. Good news, we still get to see you all.

Getting Ready for NSRA

The hot 58 is looking really good and is almost packed and ready to take the long drive to Oklahoma City for the 2015 NSRA show. Read Moreā€¦