One Cool Custom Classic

Jims 58

New Website Worthy Of The Car


I have been working on getting the website looking worthy of the car that Dad built. Dad has won lots of awards and trophies and I figured I had better get those posted on the website to share with everyone. Im still working on the scrap book, it will be filled with all the photos that Dad took while tearing down the car in an effort to document the process. This helped him to put all the parts back in the spots they should go, and a cool way to see how it all unfolded from start to finish.

Best Pre 72 Award.

award-2017-napa_auto_parts_150 award

This award was presented to Dad at the Roseville Fairgrounds as the Best Pre 72 award. Second year in a row that he got an award from this show.

No Joy

We packed the car up with all our gear for our 2 week trip, car cleaning stuff, extra parts we thought we could use if we broke done. We piled into the car and headed on down the road at about 5am. Just down the block, we realized the car was not idling right, and the shifting was not as it should be. I turned the car around and brought it back into the garage to see if we could figure out what was wrong. After a few minutes, we adjusted the kick down cable for the transition and took another ride, to find the shifting was now working correctly, but the idle was still way off. Again in the garage with a little bit of trepidation about taking a car that was not running right across country, we tried again to fix the idle to no avail. Lets just say, we are not happy at this point.

Disappointment having set in, we decided to bail on driving the hot rod, and opted for driving the Honda back to the car show in Oklahoma City. We are both very bummed about the hot rod, but figuring it would be best to travel with a more reliable vehicle. Sorry to all the relatives and friends that were looking forward to seeing the car, we will try again next year. Good news, we still get to see you all.

Getting Ready for NSRA

The hot 58 is looking really good and is almost packed and ready to take the long drive to Oklahoma City for the 2015 NSRA show. Read More…

Got Brakes

got brakes
After repeated attempts for months to get the brakes working, we finally have a car that will stop. Its been touch and go for a long time, Read More…

Brakes not Braking

Dad is having trouble with the brakes on the car. You can stand on the brakes, and still not able to stop the car very easily. Read More…

Frist Award

2015-1091 - Version 2
This is the first time the car was shown after it was completed. We took the car to the Casa Roble Car show. Read More…

Dads Frist 58

2004-592 - Version 2

This is a picture of my dad back in 1961 with his first 1958 Chevy Read More…

Windshield & Exhaust

Dad has been working on the car and making progress. We finally got it out of the garage and off the ramp Read More…

Off and Running


We finally got the motor running. It tools some time due to some odd things. Read More…

Get your motor running

Hello all,

Just a quick update on the hot rod since I have not posted for a while. The following pieces are coming together.
Read More…

Chrome Wire Covers


Dad finally got the needed parts for the chrome wire covers so we could start wiring the engine components. Read More…

Air Cleaner


Dad finally got the new air cleaner from American Past Times. Read More…

Box for Motor Wires


Toady, dad and I put in this chrome box on the firewall. This is where we will run the wires through the firewall out to the engine.
Read More…



We finally have some of the electrical work going. Dad got the Headlights and the parking Read More…

Dads Little Helper


I went over to dad house the other morning to work on the car with him, Read More…

No Spark Just Yet


Dad finally got the spark plug wires routed all nice and tight and looking very good. Read More…



It took a few days to figure out where dad wanted the to mount the cruise control Read More…

Third Break Light


Dad turned this chrome show piece into a third break light. He got some LED's Read More…

Lights, Bumper & grill


We finally got the headlights in and they look really nice. Then came the chrome piped grill Read More…

Spark Plug Wire Bling


This is a picture of the spark plug wire covers that dad installed. Each wire has a nice chrome Read More…

Air Ride


This concoction is the air ride suspension. We have a air tank in the back, and 2 small air compressors to feed the tank. Read More…

Rear Quarter Panel Trim


Here is what the rear quarter panel trim is going to look like. We had a heck of a time putting this trim on Read More…


Dynamat placed on the floor board and the roof of the car, that should keep it pretty quiet. Read More…

The Protector


This is dads protector, it should keep us from scratching the fenders while we are working on the car. Read More…

Tail Lights


The new taillights look fantastic on the car. Dad is going to hook them up so that both red lights work as break lights. Read More…

Let the build Begin

shiney motor

Dad finally got the car home from the shop, so now we can start the process of piecing it back together. Read More…