One Cool Custom Classic

Off and Running


We finally got the motor running. It tools some time due to some odd things. The first time it started right away, then we could not get it started again. Turns out we forgot to hook up the kill switch, so the coil was not getting any power. Once we figured out the kills switch was not hooked up it was all down hill from there. We also found another problem, the carburetor is leaking. Dad had to take the carb off and take apart one of the float chambers and the accelerator pump to check the gaskets. Upon further examination, we found a gouge in the float chamber that allows the gas to escape past the gasket. Looks like its a defect during build. We decided to put some Permatex in the gap and see if that will hold, so far so good.

We got the brakes hooked and started to get some fluid in the lines, only to find the part that connects to the brakes calipers was leaking on all 4 of the brakes. Lets just say that dad was not a happy camper at this point but who could blame him. Come to find out, we needed to add more crush washers to the connections and then had to tighten them down very snuggly in order for the crush washers to conform to the metal and make a tight seal. Now it was time to bleed and see if the brakes were going to work…success.

Progress is being made, we have a dash installed, we have the power steering hooked up. There are a lot of things left to do, but each day will bring us closer to completion.

Until the next update.