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Got Brakes

got brakes
After repeated attempts for months to get the brakes working, we finally have a car that will stop. Its been touch and go for a long time, and all it took was a booster shot, who knew. Dad and I went to Tognotti's auto world a few weeks ago to look into supplemental boost for the brakes. We looked at an electric pump, but that was close to 300 dollars, so we opted for just a regular boost canister. We never tried to use it since we seem to have enough vacuum at the booster. So as a last ditch effort after changing everything else, dad hooked up the boost canister. He took the car out into the street and took off and hit the brakes and nearly sent his friend Gerry through the windshield. Dad and I hooked the new boost canister up in its new home under the fender so that it won't be seen much and then connected all the hoses. We took it for a spin just to make sure we had it all hooked up correctly, only to find that all the sudden the transmission was not shifting correctly. Now back in the garage and the hood up and investigating our new issue, we found that the kick down cable for the transmutation was a little out of whack. We had accidentally moved it while running the booster hose to the vacuum connector on the manifold. Having rectified that issue, we now had a good running transmission and we have some very good brakes. We took the car for a little ride up to Newcastle to make sure everything was running good, and on the way back we stopped at Taylor in Lincoln for a shake. Thats one more todo taken care of.