Dad found some new headlights that he really liked from a vendor at the Autorama this year. He chose the option that had the Halo's and boy do they look good. 

Each light has its own Halo that can do different things. You can set them up to come on with the ignition like day time running lights. You can set them up to be turn signals as well as running lights. 

We chose to make them turn on as running lights when the ignition on, and made the outside light be a turn signal. 

The vendor said that they would just bolt right in.... ummm NO!. Since we went with LED lights, that added several more inches to the back of the light which in turn led to some serious modifications. We had to cut holes in the buckets to make the heat sink fit. Then there was the matter of 4ft of wiring that had to be tucked and bundled up. 

We searched for some way to contain all of that wiring the since it was going to be in the wheel well and did not want to let all the rocks, dirt and grime destroy the wires. So, we found a tupperware type box to stuff all the wires in an attach to the wheel well to keep it all safe. 

All said and done, they turned out fantastic.