Dad had been wanting to get the 58 in the NSRA show in Oklahoma since we finished building it. I am glad to report that we finally made it. We arrived at the the show long before the sun came up to find we were about 20th in line to get in. The wind was howling and there was a threat of rain. 

Once they opened the gates, we found a good spot in front of the main building and started spiffing up the car getting it ready for the spectators, and it paid off. There were so many people stopping by to look at the car and to let us know how good it looked. 

We walked around and looking at all the cars that had arrived, I took a few pictures of some of the ones I liked the most. There were quite a few very nice looking cars in the show. 

As luck would have it, a huge dark cloud came over and it started to sprinkle a little. While it didn't rain much, the rope were HUGE. The rain didn't last but like 30 seconds, but it was enough to leave huge dirty water spot all over the car. We spent the evening giving the car its first ever bath with real water and in the dark.